Welcome New Vaginas.

Some trans women consolidate their gender transition with vaginoplasty, a genital female reconstruction operation. The problem is that these vaginas have unique characteristics, because they are made with special tissues, have their own pH, and require key care to help them heal and improve their elasticity. But the feminine care products on the market are not designed to meet these needs and may have adverse effects.

Together with the trans community and the most important specialists in gender affirmation, we created LiFemT, with a specialized formula based on a composition of amino acids and lipid complex, to provide cellular nutrition, tissue rehabilitation, elasticity and hydration for these new vaginas.

A formula created by a specialized laboratory and tested and approved by trans women, to ensure a better genital care and generate a great engagement with the community, who noticed the benefits and felt welcomed with the purpose and message of inclusion for a proper visibility in the society.

Cannes Lions 2023
Glass: The Lion for Change

El Dorado Colombian Awards

El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2023